About us


We are based at a large hall in the village of Corley.

An established photography club with a thriving membership.  Unusually we have a high proportion of female members and we believe this really makes a difference to the feel of the club.

We are inclusive and welcome all people regardless of gender, race or disability. The access is ground floor with level access.


Our formula for success

Regular Monday meetings 7.00 till 9.00 pm

The main point of contact for members to meet. There are our regular subjects and then something different


The opportunity for our members to bring their cameras and practise their skills.

Content varies but includes studio, macro, exotic animals, birds of prey, dogs, models as well as dancers.


We  have 6 themed competitions throughout the year. It can be hard for new members to think they are good enough to enter but we really want to see your images and hear developmental encouraging feedback from our judges. The feedback from all the photos drives the standard of the images and we see some amazing work by members.

Workshops- these are the opportunity for our members to bring their cameras and practise their skills. Because of the light evenings we are able to photograph both indoors and outdoors.

External speakers

Guest speakers on subjects such as landscapes, portraiture, travel, large animals (tigers, lions, etc) as well as high speed action.

What have we missed? Please tell us if you know of a good speaker or there is a subject we are not covering.


We try and get out and about regularly with our members.

Feel free to grab someone who is a bit more experienced to help you with your skills

There isn’t always time on a club night to get to know people well and this is your opportunity to chat and find out about other membes


Whats on and our programme

For more in depth detail on what is currently available please visit our events page




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