Competition Rules and guidance


Only paid up members may enter competitions.

Images entered for all competitions to be less than 2 years old at the competition date

The same image cannot be used for both categories.

No photograph can be entered into club competitions more than once. 

All entries must be the original work of the entrant

Entry to the competition is conditional on granting the club use of their photos for club and marketing purposes. For further detailed information see the main rules

Digital projected images (DPI)

Projected images should be in JPEG format and set to sRGB colour space

No watermark to be included on the image

Images ideally to be resized to fit within 1600 x 1200 pixels. This is a 4:3 ratio and for an image of a different ratio ensure a landscape format image has a maximum width of 1600 pixels, letting the height drift and a portrait format image has a maximum height of 1200 pixels letting the width drift.

Resizing guidelines can be found on the competition entry page  

It is suggested that images falling outside of this aspect ratio are placed on a black or suitably coloured background so they are presented in a neat way, this is not mandatory.

The image file itself should not be be titled. Photoentry will ask you to insert a title as you enter.

Naming a file at all will cause extra admin to adjust the naming.

Photoentry will not allow entry after the advertised closing date

DPI Competition Categories

DPI competitions will change after April 1st.

Each  competition  has  three categories.
You need not enter all three categories

One image maximum per category

    • Open theme colour,
    • Open theme Mono
    • Subject round mono or colour

Printed images

Prints must be mounted and titled on reverse (bottom left hand corner)

Maximum mounted size is 40cm x 50cm (20″ x 16″), the print cutout is sized to suit the print size. We advise a card backing board

Prints should not be framed. 

Please do not enclose in a plastic cover as the light reflections will obscure your image

A digital image will be submitted prior as for the DPI via Photoentry

Printed images must be at the hall by 1845 latest on judging night. Entries later than this will not be accepted. Entries can be handed in at the clubs previous meeting

Printed Competition categories

Each competition has two categories.
You need not enter all  categories

One image maximum per category

      • Open theme colour,
      • Open theme Mono

Monochrome definition

The definition of monochrome is an image displaying a single colour or different shades of a single colour. Monochrome photography is photography in which the entire image is recorded and represented by differing amounts of light instead of different hues. Black and white photography is the most prominent example of monochrome photography, as it represents subjects in varying shades of neutral gray, but includes no other colours. In monochrome photography, tones of a single color are used to represent all the different colors within an image.

For information on Monochrome definitions have a look at this link?

Annual awards

Photograph of the Year

All 1st 2nd and 3rd placed photographs in both colour and monochrome competitions, print and DPI, will be eligible for ‘Photograph of the Year’


Photographer of the Year

All entries receive points in the Photographer of the Year table which also will be announced at the POTY


The print should not be adjusted in the time between the initial competition and the POTY night. We will hold the print until the POTY night.

Winners should ensure that the relevant photographs are returned or made available for the December meeting if they are printed entries. They will all be judged to find the winning Picture of the Year by an independent judge. Emailed competition entries will be automatically will be entered.

New Member Competition

Encouraging members who have been at the club less than two years and have not been placed in a club competition previously


    • Entry one DPI image