Beacon Lighting

Photographing the beacon lighting in Fillongley

Corley and Fillongley Are privileged to have been invited to Fillongleys Beacon to commemorate the 80th Anniversary of D Day. The largest naval, air and land operation in history

The D-Day 80 Proclamation 6th June 2024 -Time to be advised


Oyez, Oyez, Oyez

We commemorate the 80th anniversary
of the D-Day landings in Normandy, France –
an incredible achievement in military planning and logistics uniting brave service personnel from air, sea and land forces at the beginning of Operation Overlord.

By the day’s end, over one hundred and fifty thousand
Allied troops had successfully stormed
the now-famous Gold, Juno, Sword, Utah and Omaha beaches to achieve a toehold in France.

In the weeks that followed,
the Allies fought bitterly against a determined foe from the unforgiving countryside of Normandy
to the liberation of Paris two months later.

We should all remember and never forget
the selfless sacrifice and courage of all those involved and use this Commemoration to pay our tribute
to those who gave so much to secure the freedom
we all enjoy today.



Beacon Lighting

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