Its Halloween!

The annual fright night when it’s said the souls of the dead are closest to this world.

Brent Thompson of Photoshoot Factory presents a horrible evening with chances to shoot with Ultra Violet  light with  a couple of appropriately dressed models

The shoot

The shoot will be an Ultra violet lighting night making very surreal images probably unlike anything you have ever shot before.

Brent be supplying the model/s with the ultraviolet lighting and the black screen on the night.  We will be shooting both sides of the large black backdrop that will be in the middle of the room.

If all goes well with the weather we may do some other stuff outside with flash and torches

Due to the anticipated high demand, it will be a members only night, please ask before bringing a guest.

A few things to note

All or most of the village hall lights will be off or dimmed to allow for better lighting with the ultraviolet torch so be safety aware of trip hazards.

Focusing may be a little difficult to start with so if you have a live view boast in your camera enable it and if you have a fast lens please bring it with you. If you don’t then it will be ok.  

Your colour balance may be a tiny bit off and may require adjustment in post or you could alter your colour balance in your cameras to match what your eye sees on the night in front of you.

We will have a rota system that allows everyone to get images. Please only direct the model when it is your turn so as not to distract the model and spoil the shots of the lead photographer. 

Feel free to bring anything Halloween-related and maybe even get your face painted by one of us with some safe ultraviolet glowing paint and get your mug shot in UV.

Above all come to the shoot and have fun and post what you shoot, warts and all. 

Settings advice

This is an available light shoot but in very very low light

  • A shutter speed you can comfortably handhold say 1/60th sec
  • Aperture of as wide as you have around f2.8 to f4 and setting your
  • ISO set to auto to or as high as needed to get the correct exposure and use autofocus

We can assist you with a torch if required to focus. 




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