Melton Mowbray Photo Walk

Photo walk for participants of the beginner’s workshop and club members

Melton Mowbray, a charming market town, is located about an hour’s drive from Coventry.

Although the walk itself is designed to take an hour, our exploration extended to three enjoyable hours, courtesy of stops at a photo spot, a tea break, and a tempting pork pie shop. Additionally, there’s a likelihood of encountering a street market during our stroll.

We plan to follow this route for our town walk, and you can find the link here [insert link].

Town walk link 

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We’re optimistic that most participants from the beginner’s workshop will join us on this walk. Having as many club members as possible will greatly contribute to coaching and teaching efforts. This excursion is also a fantastic opportunity for club novices who missed the course to acquire valuable knowledge and experience.


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Free event, but pay for your own parking and Pork Pies

Images captured during our trial walk

Abundant subjects and genres  to observe and capture, catering for many preferences

Photography by Martyn Blair

Melton Mowbray Photo Walk

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