From cropping to Mounting Prints for Competitions

Club print Competitions

Seeing your images in print for the first time can be such a satisfying experience. Images that take a lot of time energy and money to to create , look very different when printed and mounted, maybe receiving the credit they deserve.

CFPC are relatively new to the print competition arena and even more so for external competitions and members are asking questions on how they should present their images. Actually to begin with we just want you to enter, so on the one hand it doesn’t matter how you present. On the other hand if you can see two images of equal standing and one is presented well in comparison which would you pick?

Crops, ratios, resizing, compression, pixels

Confusing or what. An attempt to explain what they are and why they are important.

Martyns journey through mounts

Martyn will bring along a selection of prints entered along the years and talk about the mistakes he has made along the way, hopefully enabling members to shortcut these mistakes.

Precut mounts are an easy cost effective option and a selection will be available for you to have a look at. He will also take orders for a bulk purchase.
If you want a sneak preview have a look at this website. Cotswold mounts

A demo on how to mount a print properly.

DM Martyn on facebook messenger your image and he will print and mount for you.
Limited to the first four who send an image. 

Cutting your own mounts

Demonstration on how to cut your own mounts, then there will be several mount cutters available for you to have a go for yourself.

From cropping to Mounting Prints for Competitions

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