Highspeed photography workshop

An evening of fun with High-Speed Photography

Join us for an unforgettable evening of high-speed photography with Brent Thompson!

Capture stunning shots of balloon bursts, eggs being smashed, and more while having a blast.

Don’t forget to bring your camera and tripod, and brush up on your BULB mode skills by reading your camera manual in advance. This is a rare opportunity to learn from a pro and create some truly amazing photos. See you there!

Brent Thompson

What is high-speed photography?

High-speed photography is the art of capturing events that happen in a fraction of a second and cannot be perceived with the naked eye, such as a bursting balloon or a splash of water.

This type of photography is unique because it requires an exposure time of almost 1/20,000th of a second to freeze these moments. Since most cameras don’t have such a high shutter speed, a flash is used to capture the images.


The good news is that any DSLR will work and we will provide the triggers and flash units.

A tripod is needed although the club have some spares



Highspeed photography workshop

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