The Club shall be called “Corley and Fillongley Photographic Club’ hereinafter called the ‘club’


To bring together persons actively interested in all aspects of Photography and generally to promote any activity for the mutual assistance of members and improvements of the standard of Photography, both artistically, technically and including presentation skills.


Membership shall be open to any person aged 18 or over who is interested in Photography at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

Membership of the Club implies agreement to all the Club Rules and any additional rules duly enacted,


The Honorary Officers shall be a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer who will be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Club. An individual may hold a maximum of TWO honorary positions. They shall be “ex officio” members of all committees. The officers shall retire each year and be eligible for re-election.


For the purposes of general management the Club shall be governed by an Executive Committee of not less than THREE members including the Officers of the Club all of whom shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Club.

The Executive Committee shall:-

(i) Arrange a programme of such lectures, competitions and social functions and make regulations there to, as it may be deemed necessary;

(ii) Meet as often as necessary to ensure the smooth running of the Club;

(iii) Have control of all business transacted by the Club and the right to co-opt additional members to the Committee as may be found necessary;


(iv) In the case of the absence of a member, invite a substitute to attend, the substitute having no power to vote. In the long term absence of the Chairperson, a Vice Chairman will be appointed.


18 meetings per year will be held at Corley Village Hall 7.00 – 9.00 pm on the 1st Monday evening of every month, plus the 3rd Monday, April through to September inclusive unless otherwise notified.

 General Meetings

The Executive Committee may call a General Meeting of members when necessary.

On receipt by the Honorary Secretary of an application in writing, signed by at least 25% of members and stating the reason(s) for the application, an Extraordinary General Meeting shall be called within 21 days thereof (during the Club programme year).

The quorum for a General Meeting shall be greater than twice the number of members of the Executive Committee present at the meeting and at least 50% of the Club membership present (with the committee members included in this 50%). The ‘Club membership’ in the previous sentence is defined as the total number of members who have paid the half-yearly instalment of the club subscription for the period of time when the General Meeting takes place. Only members who have paid the latest instalment will be eligible to vote at meetings.

The Annual General Meeting shall be held in January each year; the date of this meeting shall be included in the formal Club programme.


The Executive Committee shall have the power to open a bank account. All withdrawals from the account shall be signed by any two of the four following signatories,

Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer or Club Founders.

There shall be no limit placed on the amount of petty cash held by the Treasurer.

The Club’s financial status shall be reviewed at each Committee meeting and at the AGM.


The Club subscription for the following year shall be determined at the Annual General Meeting, this amount shall be payable by members irrespective of attendance at the start of our club year in January, anyone joining after August will pay a 50% reduced fee.

Any member may introduce a visitor as a prospective member for two meetings without obligation to join; attendance fee of £5.00 applies. The visitor must then join the Club on the third visit or he/she will not be allowed to attend more meetings.

If, for any reason, a visitor presents a valid reason for not becoming a full time member, then that member shall be charged a fee of £5.00 per attendance evening and visits will be limited to a maximum number to be agreed by the committee. Casual visitors will not be eligible to vote on any club matters.


The Club Committee shall have the power to suspend any member of the club from all or any of the privileges of the Club for breach of the club rules or for inappropriate behaviour or any acts against the interests of the Club. This must be given in writing stating the exact reason for the suspension. The member will have the right to appeal.

Winding-up of the Club

In the event of the Club ceasing to meet, the material assets of the club shall be sold, or disposed of by consensus. Please see the Club Constitution.


The club and or committee shall not be held responsible for the loss or damage to any personal equipment brought along to the meetings by members.


No alteration in, or addition to the Rules of the Club shall be made without the sanction of an Annual General Meeting, and any alteration or addition shall not be valid unless supported by at least two thirds of the members present at the meeting. Any matter not governed by these Rules, or question as to the interpretation thereof shall be dealt with by the Executive Committee by simple majority.