Fillongley Photographic Club Constitution

The organisation shall be known as Corley and Fillongley Photographic Club (The club)


The objective of the organisation shall be:

To bring together persons actively interested in all aspects of Photography and generally to promote any activity for the mutual assistance of members and improvements of the standard of Photography, both artistically, technically and including presentation skills. It will always act in the best interests of our members, remaining non-political, and will resolve issues among our members through democratic processes.


a) Membership is restricted to 60 members, any other persons wishing to join after that  limit has been reached will be put on a waiting list until a place becomes available

b)  Membership shall be open to those mentioned above, anyone over the age of 16* yearsand of any sex, race, religion, physical or mental impairment or any other social category. 

c)  Membership year is April 1st to March 31st of the following year.

d) Any new member joining after October 1st shall pay 50% of the annual subscription fee as agreed at the AGM

e) All members shall actively work in the best interest of the Club

f) Membership is not transferable to anyone else.

There are three types of membership available:

  • Full membership 
  • Remote or digital membership (This does not allow attendance at club meetings)
  • Under 18 memberships *

* Members over the age of 16 and under the age of 18, should be always accompanied by a responsible adult over the age of 18 and shall be subject to the clubs Safeguarding Policy included in this document. 


a) The committee will from time to time undertake appropriate advertising campaigns to boost membership as and when they see fit.

b) All potential members must complete an application form providing contact details, name address, email, telephone number and pay the appropriate membership fee. This data will be held on a secure data base and available only to committeemembers in order that they can complete their roles. (See GDRP statement)

c) All successful applicants will be listed in the membership register.

d) The Committee may unanimously, for good reason and in the best interests of the organisation, deny, terminate, or suspend the membership of any individual in writing. The Committee must inform the individual in writing of the reasons for the refusal/suspension/dismissal within 21 days maximum of the decision.

    1. The individual concerned shall have the right to appeal the decision of the committee within 21 days of suspension/ expulsion/ dismissal and be heard in person by an appeals subcommittee drawn from the general membership of the club. The subcommittee will consist of three general members drawn at random at the next available club meeting. They will hear the appeal and report back to the committee on their findings. 
    2. The committee will advise the subcommittee in detail the exact reason(s) why the member has been suspended/ expelled/ dismissed from the club.
    3. This maybe in the form of committee meeting minutes, or a verbal report.
    4. The individual concerned maybe accompanied by a person of their choosing to the appeal and may also submit written representations to the appeal subcommittee.
    5. Following the appeal hearing the subcommittee will advise the committee in writing, within 7 days of their findings and recommendation.


a) Any member may introduce a visitor as a prospective member for two meetings without obligation to join; attendance fee of £5.00 per visit applies. The visitor must then join the Club on the third visit, or they will not be allowed to attend more meetings.

b) If, for any reason, a visitor presents a valid reason for not becoming a full-time member, then that member shall be charged a fee of £5.00 per attendance evening and visits will be limited to a maximum number to be agreed by the committee. Casual visitors will not be eligible to vote on any club matters


a) The organisation shall be managed by a Committee of a minimum of three and a maximum of seven elected at each Annual General Meeting, including Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. Other roles that may be required are Events Secretary, Competition Secretary, Membership Secretary, plus one other such as a webmaster. 

b) The Committee shall meet as often as necessary to ensure the smooth running of the club. These can be held either face to face or via zoom type conferencing. This shall be a minimum of three times a year.

c) A quorum for committee meetings shall constitute 3 Committee Members.

d)All meetings must have a proper agenda, which includes the date, place, and time of the meeting and the business discussed. This will be distributed to all committee members at least 7 days in advance of the scheduled date.

e) A proper record of all meetings will be kept. In addition to records of expenditure and income which shall be available to all Members following approval of the committee, that they are a true record.


a) To run the club in a professional manner and in accordance with the agreed club rules and constitution.

b) To ensure club accounts will be maintained by the treasurer and an annual audit of the accounts will take place.

c) Arrange a programme of such lectures, competitions and social functions and make regulations there to, as it may be deemed necessary. There will be meetings held at a venue to suit the club.

d)  The Committee have the power to:

    1. Deal with matters arising on a day-to-day basis,
    2. Fill vacancies on the committee arising during the year
    3. The committee may appoint such sub-committees as may be required to carry out the activities of the organisation, who shall be directly accountable to the Committee


a) There shall be an Annual General Meeting held each January, at which the Committee shall report on its work and present a statement of accounts.

b) The existing Committee shall retire but remain in office until 31st March and a new Committee shall be elected, taking over from the outgoing committee on 1st April.

The period between the AGM and April 1st will be used to ensure a smooth and thorough handover to the incoming committee. 

c) At the AGM only existing paid-up members are eligible for election or vote. 

d) Existing Committee Members may stand for re-election.

e) A minimum of 28 days’ notice shall be given of AGMs and members will be notified by the secretary, via email of the date and time.

f) Nomination forms for committee posts (Appendix 3) should be sent out at least 21 days before the AGM. Nominations must be returned to the Club Secretary or other nominated person at least 7 days before the AGM having been signed by the nominee and seconder. As the constitution allows existing committee to stand again, they do not need complete a nomination form, but still be subject to a vote by the AGM membership.

g) All paid up members shall have one vote per agenda item. Members who cannot attend the AGM shall be allowed a Remote

Vote via email by requesting a vote from the club secretary 7 days before the planned AGM. The remote vote should be returned to the club secretary by midday on the day of the AGM for it to be included. 

h) All decisions will be based on a majority acceptance. If the vote is tied the Chairperson will have the casting vote


a) The secretary may call an EGM at any time acting upon the authorisation of a quorum of the committee.

b) The Secretary shall also call an EGM at the request of a majority of the Members upon receipt of a written petition signed by no less than one third of Members, giving reasons for their request.

c) Not less than 21 days’ notice of an EGM shall be given by the secretary.


a) The Executive Committee shall have the power to open a bank account.

b) All proposed expenditure from the account shall be agreed by the committee prior to it taking place.  Exceptional or urgent spending to be agreed by email by 3 members of the committee (quorum) and reported at the next meeting and recorded in the minutes of that next meeting.

c) All withdrawals from the account shall be agreed by any two of the following signatories,

Chair, Secretary, Treasurer.

d) In the case of electronic online banking, the Treasurer will be the main point of contact and one other committee member from those above will also be appointed if the bank allows. This is done to protect the club in the event of illness or non-availability of the Treasurer.

e) There shall be no limit placed on the amount of petty cash held by the Treasurer. Though club insurance requirements must be followed.

f) The Club’s financial status shall be reviewed at each Committee meeting and at the AGM the balance sheet having been verified by a responsible club member before the AGM who is not a committee member.

g) Annual subscription is to be agreed by the AGM or EGM by a majority of the membership

h) The club accounts are open to any club member who requests to see them and will be available to that member at a mutually agreed time between them and the Treasurer (usually within 21 days).


a) In the event of the Club ceasing to meet and by a simple majority the Committee decide at any time that on the grounds of expense or otherwise it is necessary or advisable to dissolve the organisation, it shall call an Extra Ordinary General Meeting stating the terms of the resolution to be proposed at the meeting.

b) The Committee will have the power to dispose of any assets at current market value held by or in the name of the organisation, these will first be offered to members before the general market.

c) All current funders must be notified of the decision and given the opportunity to reclaim their unspent funds. Ie a portion of the current membership subscription.

d) Any assets remaining after the satisfaction of any proper debts and liabilities shall be donated to a charitable organisation in the locality as decided by the membership.

e) If the Members resolve to dissolve the organisation the Committee will remain in office and be responsible for winding up the affairs of the organisation.


a) No alteration in, or addition to the Constitution of the Club shall be made without the sanction of an Annual General Meeting or EGM

b) Any proposed alterations to the Constitution and Rules shall be submitted to the Secretary not less than 14 days before the next AGM or a Extra Ordinary Meeting (EGM)

c) The approval of a majority of those present at the AGM/EGM will be required to effect any proposed change

d) Any matter not governed by this constitution, or question as to the interpretation thereof  shall be dealt with by the Committee by simple majority.


a) The club and or committee shall not be held responsible for the loss or damage to any personal equipment brought along to the meetings by members.